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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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A Way to Reverse Global Warming is No Longer a Dream
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Converting CO2 from Our Atmosphere into Synthetic Fuels
The October 2018 "Technology Today" Column in TechDirections Magazine
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Bill Gates is one of the private investors who has funded this entire project - Carbon Engineering has built a Factory which is now turning CO2 into synthetic fuels for cars, buses, and even airplanes.
     The chart in photo 1 displays the percentage of the different greenhouse gases that entered our atmosphere in the US in 2016. To reverse global warming we need to physically start removing greenhouse gases, especially CO2, from our atmosphere.
     This technology has been developed under the combined effort of engineering teams from Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Calgary in Alberta Canada. The  founders created Carbon Engineering to commercialize their process. Since the company was formed, Carbon Engineering has created an industrial life cycle for carbon dioxide that parallels the natural world’s life cycle that provides all living things with oxygen and carbohydrates. 
     The test facility has proven that their process can create fuels in mega quantities from water and air using electricity that only comes from renewable sources.
This is the first time that CO2 has been captured and recycled back into a fuel on an industrial scale.
   These photos show a small part of the factory doing its thing. For a full explanation of the process, an image of the full facility, and a video link to the future just click to read the full story.