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The Home Hydrogen Car Refueling Station
The DOE Refueling H-Prize Competition - Has Led to a new Technology Breakthrough
(Published October 2017 in TechDirections Magazine)
By Alan J. Pierce EdD

The Conundrum:

People won't purchase Hydrogen powered cars until they have lots of places to fill their fuel tanks. Definitely a conundrum that parallels the old phrase “which came first the chicken or the egg". Basically car manufacturers can’t put thousands of Hydrogen cars on the road before they have places to fill up their tanks and gas station owners can’t afford to spend millions in hydrogen gas pump infrastructure before they have potential customers.
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Hydrogen in my Gas Tank
The Solution:  
The US DOE H-Prize was designed to
challenge engineering teams to create a
new hydrogen generating appliance which
would safely generate hydrogen in people’s homes. This column provides the full story!
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