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New NYC Interactive Art Landmark
Climb 2,500 Steps to Breathtaking Views
(Published November 2017 in TechDirections Magazine)
By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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Staircases Only Go Up and Down
The Only Destination is the View
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     Hudson Yards is a 20 billion mega construction project that is now under construction in NYC. At the center of this 21st century mini city, in an open to the public 5 acre park like setting, they are now building the structure shown in photo 2.
     It is not a building and has no stores. It is an observation tower that will become a NYC landmark for tourists and New Yorkers to visit. Vessel is designed as interactive art for people to climb. Since Vessel has no floors to anchor its staircases, it is a unique construction project. 
     Vessel has been designed so it will look like it defies gravity. It will have a relatively small footprint at its foundation. From this base diameter each level spirals a little further out as its staircases and landings climb 16 stories into the air. For the full story with video links just click below for the TechDirections PDF.
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