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The Biological Supercapacitor
A power Source That Never Needs to be Replaced 
(Published January 2018 in TechDirections Magazine)
By Alan J. Pierce EdD
The Biological
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    The biological supercapacitor is a new material science breakthrough of a biologically friendly electrical energy storage device. It is completely made up of materials that are biologically compatible with our internal chemistry. This device is recharged by the animal or human body’s biological fluids and physical movements.  Scientists at UCLA and the University of Connecticut worked together to develop this new biological supercapacitor. Their research was funded by the National Science Foundation and other bioengineering and health institutes.
     They built their supercapacitor using layers of graphene and human proteins so their device contains no ingredients which are not biologically compatible with the human body. It is the inclusion of human proteins that makes their supercapacitor a biological device.

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