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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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Alice the All Electric Commercial Airplane
Published in the November/December 2019 issue of TechDirections Magazine
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     Eviation is an Israeli based company with a new all electric regional airplane that can fly 621 nautical miles, at 240 knots, on a single electric charge; at the very low cost of two hundred dollars per hour of flight time. After an hourís flight this all electric airplane, that Eviation named Alice, can recharge its lithium ion battery back to full capacity in a half hour.
     Photo 1 shows Alice at this yearís Paris Air Show and its shape is as radically different from conventional airplanes as the power source that drives its engines. A careful look at photo 1 shows that two of its electric engines are located at the back of its wings and its third engine is mounted at the end of the fuselage. The full story includes how it is powered, what its artificial intelligent pilot can handle, more photos, power system, how the engines locations change flight characteristics, and what US company just purchased a full fleet of this new airplane and what routes it will soon fly.
Why is this all electric airplane such a critical achievement?
     The carbon in the exhaust from a gas turbine jet engine combines with the oxygen in our atmosphere to form the global warming gas carbon dioxide. This CO2 plus the other global warming gases produced by commercial air travel is responsible for anywhere from 4 to 9 percent of the global warming that is directly caused by our industrial society.
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