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Destination Mars (Published November 2016 in TechDirections Magazine)
The “World’s first crew to Mars is likely in middle school right now.”
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By Alan J. Pierce EdD

    Krista Alestock sent me a press release describing a Lockheed Martin contest that many teachers will want to enter.  This contest has large cash prizes.
     The Lockheed Martin Generation Beyond STEM Initiative, described in her press release, includes a challenge to create a very short video of a student designed “habitation module for the first crew to Mars".
    Lockheed Martin is the company that is building the Orion spacecraft that will eventually land astronauts on Mars. This column provides links to the contest and also describes the hardware and how soon NASA robots and astronauts will finally start to venture beyond the moon.
     This is a fascinating story and a contest that teachers will want to know about. Please forward to all teachers you feel will be interested in this subject.