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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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     Recognizing the power of our brains is nothing new but trying to tap into our thoughts to create cyborg human enhancements is no longer just science fiction. One of Elon Muskís newest technology initiatives is the creation of a new company named Neuralink. The goal he set for its scientists and engineers is the development of hardware that can allow the human brain to automatically interface its own thoughts with artificial intelligence programs on the personís computer or smartphone.

     At CES 2019 I found BrainCo a company that was founded in 2015 that has already made major strides in tapping human brain waves without the need for brain surgery. Before describing their brain-machine Interface (BMI) I feel it critical to indicate that the BrainCo technology was developed by scientists, engineers, and PhD students from Harvard University.

A synopsus of my March coverage of the topic:
Bio-Hacking a Person's Thoughts
Published March 2019 in TechDirections Magazine
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     The Focus1 headband that they created, see photo 1, is an electroencephalogram (EEG) interface that detects the electrical activity of a personís brain through contact with a number of points on a personís skull. The significant difference between the BrainCo BMI and a medical EEG is the number of contact points that are detecting a personís brainwaves. You can see in Photo 2 that the BrainCo BMI only makes contact with a limited number of points on a personís skull.

     To interpret the brainwaves that their headband interface picks up, the scientists developed algorithms that convert the brainís electrical signals into digital code that their computer programs can use to measure a wearerís concentration and focus.
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