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A Virtual Reality Ride/Game with Real Jet Fighter G-Forces
(Published April 2017 in TechDirections Magazine)
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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
The Augmented Reality Six Flags Ride
     At a number of Six Flags amusement parks, new roller coaster experiences combine the normal physical G-forces of the ride in perfect synchronization with a virtual reality (VR) experience. The VR part of these rides are powered by Oculus and viewed during the ride on a Samsung VR headset. See photos.
     Here the roller coaster provides the g-forces to your body at the same time a Gear VR headset provides a synchronized VR experience to your brain. To read the full story just click this link.

Samsung's SM-R323 Gear VR Headset
     This review describes the features of the Samsung Gear SM-R323 VR headset and the virtual world that it lets you explore. It is almost identical to the VR headset that provides the synchronized virtual world experience at six flags. Will it provide you with the virtual world that you want to explore at home? To find out read the review.
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