3D Printing Primed to Change the Future
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NASA, FlexSys Inc., & the US Air Force have perfected morphing wing technology so the wings change their shape without motors or hydraulics.
     The morphing surfaces are an integral part of the wing which means you can smoothly run your hand along the wing and you will feel one continuous surface rather than a physical add on. 

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The Chemical Computer - Chemputer
Published in TechDirections Magazine
     The Chemputer  automatically produces complex molecules without human intervention. It is a major step toward creating a Star Trek Replicator. The TV machine could create complex solid objects, complex machines, and liquids without human intervention.
     The Chemputer ™ was developed by Professor Leroy Cronin, the Regius Chair of Chemistry, at Glasgow University. BAE Systems, a British multinational aerospace company, has now partnered with Glasgow University to combine the technologies of 3D printing and the Chemputer to perform the same magic as the Star Trek Replicator.
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The Aquanaut Transformer
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The movie Bumblebee tells the story of a transforming robot that shape shifts into a 1957 yellow Volkswagen Beetle. This Aquanaut Transformer is real and it shape shifts between a submarine and a humanoid robot. See photos 1 and 3. Its submarine shape allows it to quickly move through the water and when it shape shifts it is a very powerful robot. The full story is amazing.
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Alice the All Electric Commercial Airplane
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Eviation is an Israeli based company with a new all electric regional airplane that can fly 621 nautical miles, at 240 knots, on a single electric charge; at the very low cost of two hundred dollars per hour of flight time.
     Photo 1 shows Alice at this year’s Paris Air Show and its shape is as radically different from conventional airplanes as the power source that drives its engines.  engine is mounted at the end of the fuselage. The full story includes how it is powered, what its artificial intelligent pilot can handle, more photos, power system, how the engines locations change flight characteristics, and what US company just purchased a full fleet of this new airplane and what routes it will soon fly.
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Shape Shifting Airplane Wings
Published  in TechDirections Magazine
Amber Backup System Review
(MSRP $549.99)

Amber takes the concept of cloud storage in a new direction. The system uses artificial intelligence to combine home storage with unfettered remote access to your stored data wherever you are in the world. With all the recent cloud storage breaches the idea of saving your own stuff to your own cloud sounds very intriguing.
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Whistler MFU440 Review
(MSRP $239.99)

This Radar Detector has a Built in Dash Camera so besides preventing you from getting a speeding or red light camera ticket it records videos. These recordings can protect you from looking at fault if you get into a car accident and save you money on your insurance.
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CPR Call Blocker V10000 Review (MSRP $110.00)
     If you have caller ID from your landline provider, this call blocker can be set to only allow you to receive calls from your allow  list of phone numbers.
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Braven Flye Sport Earbuds Review
(MSRP $79.99)

These Flye Sport earbuds are relatively inexpensive. That said they have a IPX5 waterproof rating, decent sound quality, good battery life, and a recharging case. They will also work equally as well with your Apple or Android smartphone.
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    3D Printing is now changing manufacturing, construction, biotechnology, medical technology, nanotechnology, and even making it possilbe to print food from lab grown cells. It went from a new way of building models and prototypes to a new way of building anything.
     This metamorphous occurred when 3D printing expanded from printing plastic to printing metals,concrete, biological cells, organs, and even food. 3D printing can create parts that are lighter than but just as strong as the same part created by older methods of fabrication. Photo samples.
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A Biologically Inspired Engineered Coating
(Published  in TechDirections Magazine)
SLIPS-The Slipperiest Engineered Coating in the World
     At the Harvard University Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, scientists and engineers were able to create an ultra slippery self healing coating by duplicating the properties of the Nepenthes Pitcher plant - photo 1.
    It is much more slippery then Teflon and like Teflon it can handle very high temperatures without losing its slippery properties.

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Constructing Tall Buildings Using SpeedCore
(Published  in TechDirections Magazine)
     The current method of building tall office buildings combines a steel frame with a traditional reinforced concrete core. SpeedCore does away with the wood forms and also the custom bending and placement of the rebar.   
     The first building to use the SpeedCore construction method to create a Composite Plate Shear Wall Core superstructure is now under construction in Seattle Washington.  See photos. When it is completed, at 850 feet, it will be the second tallest tower in Seattle; an area that is known for its earthquakes.
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Metal Detector Review
(MSRP $99.99)

The Go Find 11, see photo 1, is the least expensive Minelab metal detector. It is priced lower than many toys that we purchase for our children. That said, it is capable of detecting metals and perhaps finding treasure. This review tests its accuracy and finding power in different types of ground cover.
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The Piper Computer Kit (MSRP $299.00)

The Piper Computer Kit is a fantastic way for children to explore and engage in their interests in computer science, electronics, and coding. This kit allows you to build a fully operational computer and once the computer is set up, you are able to explore STEM through a series of steps and levels that you do while playing a game.
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Audio-Technica True Wireless ATH-CK3TW Earbuds Review (MSRP $119.00)

The first thing you want from earbuds is sound quality and good volume and these buds deliver both. To deliver this sound quality they have 5.8 mm drivers, support Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus and they are running Bluetooth 5.0. Together these features deliver superior sound, reduced sound latency... 
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BeHear Access Assistive Hearing Headset (MSRP $349.00)

The BeHear Now earbuds look like a normal set of Bluetooth wireless buds that you would use for your smartphone or tablet to listen to your music and make phone calls. They do all that quite well but their outstanding feature is they are also a decent digital hearing aid. The engineers at Alango Technologies, in Israel, designed this wireless headset so its built-in microphones and in-ear speakers can improve your hearing.

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BeHear-Hear Link Plus
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Hear Link Plus can wireless transmit the audo from your TV to your bluetooth headphones. This setup also allows two people to set their TV volume to their own comfort level. Besides this hearing assist mode it has a number of other modes that you might find meet your needs.
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The Harry Potter Cloak is no Longer Science Fiction  NEW
Published inTechDirections Magazine
January-February 2020 issue

On October 8, 2019 HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp announced to the world that they have patented their Quantum Stealth cloaking material. Just like the Harry Potter’s cloak in the movies their Quantum Stealth works by bending light around an object rendering it invisible. My column explains how it works, includes photos, and HyperStealth video links showing how it makes objects seem to disappear.
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Product Reviews
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Letsfit ID215G Smartwatch Review (MSRP 79.99)

     Photo 1 is an image of my wrist with two smartwatches that look very similar. One of them has an MSRP of $79.99 and the other one is over $300.00. Feature for feature they are not equal but I was very surprised by how much Letsfit was able to include at such a low price. This smartwatch will work with your Android or iPhone.
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D-Link Security Camera DCS8300LH Review (MSRP $ 69.99)

     D-Link’s DCS-8300LH is a HD WiFi security camera. This camera records in 1080p resolution so you will have no problem recognizing people or animals in the videos that it records during the day. The manual indicates that the camera’s night vision can actually see 16 feet in total darkness. I installed the camera at the top of a staircase and I was very disappointed by the camera’s night image.
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