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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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SLIPS—The Slipperiest Engineered Coating in the World
A Biologically Inspired Engineered Coating
(Published February 2019 in TechDirections Magazine)
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Click 4 Full Story
Biologically Inspired Engineering
     At the Harvard University Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, scientists and engineers were able to create an ultra slippery self healing coating by duplicating the properties of the Nepenthes Pitcher plant shown in photo 1.
    They named the coating that the Wyss scientists, engineers, and their students created “SLIPS” which stands for Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces. Besides being very slippery it is also transparent, self healing, durable, and basically repels everything that falls on it. See photo 2 (in column). It is much more slippery then Teflon and like Teflon it can handle very high temperatures without losing its slippery properties.

     All kinds of products will soon be going on sale that are infused with SLIPS. Will you want to stick with Teflon or switch to SLIPS? You need to read the full column to fully understand this new technology?