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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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A Low Battery for all the items shown in photo 2 could Soon Become aThing of the Past!
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WattUp®—Charging from 15' without Wires or Pads
Published September 2018 in TechDirections Magazine
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WattUp® by Energous is a new technology that will allow your devices to charge just by being in the same room as the transmitter. The WattUp charging-at-a-distance transmitter fills the area, where it is installed, with low power radio frequency (RF) waves. These RF waves are converted by a proprietary chipset into a low-voltage DC charging current. For this new technology to take off, the chipset that is shown in photo 1, or one with a similar design, must be installed inside the device it is going to charge. Until that happens the initial rollout will probably be done with special charging cases that have the tiny chipset shown in photo 1 built into the cases.
     If manufacturers adopt this technology all the devices that have the tiny chipset shown in photo 1 will always be topping off their charge when they are in range of a transmitter; these transmitters could eventually find their way into every location where you now find free WiFi.
The Energous WattUP youtube video: