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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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3D Printing Primed to Change the Future
A synopsis of my April coverage of the topic:
Published April 2019 in TechDirections Magazine
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     A technology that has only existed for 36 years is now changing manufacturing, construction, biotechnology, medical technology, nanotechnology, and even making it possilbe to print food from lab grown cells. It is disrupting all of the above while staying true to its simple definition of creating three dimensional objects from digital files one thin layer at a time. It went from a new way of building models and prototypes to a new way of building anything.
     This metamorphous occurred when 3D printing expanded from printing plastic to printing metals,concrete, biological cells, organs, and even food. 3D printing can create parts that are lighter than but just as strong as the same part created by older methods of fabrication. See photo 1.  In many technology areas 3D printing is becoming the manufacturing process. This change to additive manufacturing is accelerating in the areas of healthcare, aerospace, automotive, energy, and even consumer goods.
     The images that are shown here are from the column and they show some of the objects that are being 3D printed today. As always the full column includes so much more than just the synopsis and also  "Taking it a Step Further" - activities for students.
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