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Hyperloop - A New Transportation System
(Published May 2017 in TechDirections Magazine)
By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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     Five years ago Elon Musk proposed a new transportation system that could move people and freight at jet airplane speeds on the ground. Imagine traveling 600 miles an hour in perfect comfort just a few inches off the ground. When I first learned of his proposal it screamed write me up as a column, but I didnít because it sounded so futuristic I expected it couldnít be built this century.
     Boy was I wrong! His hyperloop proposed transportation system has moved from concept to a number of prototype systems in just a few years. To turn his dream into a reality Elon Musk first created the type of document needed to create a patent and then left it as open source so anyone could turn it into a commercially viable system. He also provided contests to get university students involved.
     Hyperloop One, co- founded by a past SpaceX engineer, is now completing construction of a test track in Nevada that can fit a full size pod that one day could carry passengers or freight. Musk also built a SpaceX hyperloop test track in Hawthorne California for university pod vehicle competitions.
     This column describes how a Hyperloop system will be able to move people in perfect comfort at 600 miles per hour on the ground. It is mind blowing technology.
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