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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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Constructing Tall Buildings Using SpeedCore
(Published January 2019 in TechDirections Magazine)
SpeedCore Construction
     The current method of building tall office buildings combines a steel frame with a traditional reinforced concrete core. SpeedCore does away with the wood forms and also the custom bending and placement of the rebar. Under laboratory conditions, SpeedCore has proven itself to be a superior earthquake proof method of construction. This new construction method has proven its ability to stand up to everything that nature might throw at it including the lateral loads of extremely high winds as well as the ground shaking and moving of earthquakes.  
     The first building to use the SpeedCore construction method to create a Composite Plate Shear Wall Core superstructure is now under construction in Seattle Washington.  See photos. When it is completed, at 850 feet, it will be the second tallest tower in Seattle; an area that is known for its earthquakes.
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