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Our June 16, 2021 1:00 PM Zoom AARP Meeting

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“SCAMS” Currently we are seeing scam artists getting
money and information from us on many different platforms,
including but not limited to phone, email, mail, social media, and
even in person. This presentation will increase awareness and
provide information on how to avoid them and protect your personal

Officer Colleen Taylor from the Rockland County Sheriff's Office

Officer Taylor runs the TRIAD program which "focuses on reducing criminal victimization of older Americans and the enhancement of the delivery of law enforcement services to seniors". She will describe how Triad is working to reduce senior victimization and enhance seniors personal and financial safety through education, training and involvement.

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Our May 2021 Speaker was Tanya Drake
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Healthy Living Alzheimer's Association

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Topic: Pandemics Through History

As long as there has been complex life on our planet, a war has been waged by infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi to infect other organisms for their own benefit.  It is through our technology that we have found ways to prevent and cure many of the pandemic diseases of the past. This presentation will use a PowerPoint to look at how pandemics have affected human civilizations throughout history.