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Video of Our AARP October 19, 2022 AARP Meeting:


Topic: Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids in the Changing Landscape of OTC Hearing Healthcare. 


The presentation will focus on Audiology’s most typical patient, namely an adult over the age of 50 with a primary complaint of difficulty understanding speech, especially in background noise, and what can be expected when this patient steps into the vast and rapidly changing landscape of hearing aids, hearing healthcare providers, and assistive technology. The presentation will allow time for full discussion and exploration of topics that most interest the audience.


Speaker: Benjamin Stanley, AuD

Dr. Stanley received his clinical doctorate from Northwestern University in 2017 and now serves as Chief of Audiology at Cornerstone Family Healthcare in New City, NY. Areas of expertise include pediatric diagnostics and amplification, hearing aids, and family-centered counseling. He serves patients of all ages.

Video of our November 16th Meeting

Topic: Understanding Medicare Options
Dana Thiesing, HIICAP Coordinator & NY Connects Lead at Rockland County Office for the Aging will discuss Medicare with a focus on upcoming changes for 2023.
Question and answer period will follow.

Speaker: Dana Thiesing
Dana Thiesing began her career with Rockland County Office For the Aging in 2018 as the HIICAP Coordinator and has since expanded her role as a Special Projects Assistant overseeing both HIICAP and NY Connects Programs.

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Our Next AARP Meeting is Wednesday, January 18, 2022 at 12:30 PM

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Topic: AARP Issues and Concerns for 2023 -

Our presenter will cover the following issues:

Protecting Medicare, protecting social security, lowering drug prices, living longer, stronger and better, ageing in place, protecting your money and more. Robyn will describe how our national organization is working on these issues and concerns


Speaker: Robyn Haberman, Associate State Director, Community Engagement at AARP-NY

. Robyn has been the AARP Associate State Director of Community Engagement for the Upstate East region in New York State since 2021. Robyn works with members, volunteers, and staff on issues important to the 50+ population and their families.


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