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Some Videos from our Coverage
of CES 2021
From January 11th -14th
Pre-conference was January 8th - 10th

CES2021 Last Gadget Standing - Last Gadget Standing starts out hilarious as the hosts have fun showing some of the problems we have all had when using new and even old technology. It then gets truly amazing as we get to see 5 finalists picked from so many of the award winning new products at the show. The presentation ends with everyone watching the event voting to select the winner.

I would have thought it would be at least 10 years before anyone could bring the winning product’s technology to market as a consumer product.


Hisense Visual Technology Press Conference - Hisense is a Chinese OEM electronics manufacturer who builds products that are sold under many different consumer electronics names including Toshiba. The visual parts of this presentation are intriguing and the products they show were impressive.


Sony Digital Press conference - At this press conference you get a chance to see many of the different technologies that Sony has developed.  The immersive video technology that is shown is amazing. Other highlights include movie production (in seconds actors can be placed anywhere in the world through simulated reality surround video), their gaming studio, and products for your home, work and play.

 Intel Mobileye News Conference – Without Intel’s past achievements our tech world would look very different. Today they are tackling autonomous driving and their Mobileye “is going broad and fast”. The presentation takes you on a tour of their garage lab to Show you their progress and vision for the future

 Microsoft Keynote - In his presentation Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, describes the current promise as well as the current perils that exist because of our digital driven technology. He takes you on a tour of a Microsoft Data Center. There and throughout his presentation he examines “the dual use of technology, what can be both an extraordinary tool that powers economies and communities and a formidable weapon that can undermine democracy and fundamental human rights”. To discuss the dangers he dramatically uses the Movie War Games and the dangers of the story line one day becoming reality.


 General Motors Keynote - CEO Mary Barra, in her keynote, provides a close look at GM's transformational strategy to return GM to its former place as a world leader in automobile technologies. The presentation is dynamic and very informative. In it Barra describes the foundation that GM is creating for an all-electric future with new battery technology that is more advanced than Tesla. In the presentation it is indicated that this is just the beginning of a revitalized GM.

Indy Autonomous Challenge Press Conference (IAC) unveiled the world’s first autonomous racecar at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS)” To win the $1.5 million prize the university students who are competing need to teach their car to race at very high speeds against competitors who will be occupying the same track at the same time. The autonomous cars and what went into them is shown towards end of the video.

 Verizon Keynote – I was going to skip this presentation until I learned that the chairman of Verizon was presenting everything you need to know about the power and usefulness of 5G. To quote Verizon’s CEO 5G is "the framework of the 21st century, the essential tech of the present and accelerated tech of the future to move our global community forward, such as telemedicine, tele-education and more”.

Samsung a Better Normal for All – Includes all the new tech they are introducing. “In the past year, our world has significantly changed. Your home is now your sanctuary and the technologies in your home need to work harder to help you adjust to this new normal.” The presentation includes the work Samsung is doing “to build a better future for our planet, and our people”.

Magna Powering Sustainable MobilityMagna is a major supplier of automotive components to the auto industry. They are developing and delivering mobility technologies. They are very involved in the electrification of vehicles and also in the development of autonomous vehicles.


 Panasonic: Technologies that move us all forward – They announced “next generation innovations and emerging technologies in the areas of: • Automotive in-vehicle infotainment, premium audio and head up display • Immersive entertainment, remote learning, Tokyo2020 Olympics • Consumer electronics with imaging, eGaming, personal care, and culinary news • Sustainability, wellness, and green building solutions Panasonic is proud to create technologies that move us forward toward a better life and a better world.”


New Technologies Accelerating Education - In the age of the Covid virus teaching for so many has become a virtual experience. Not much fun for the students and difficult for older teachers who are not as verse in digital presentations. This video provides many technologies that would be of interest to new as well as well seasoned teachers.